Roll Out!

I’m a pretty sarcastic person.  So needless to say, if I get a reaction out of a simple sarcastic remark, I’m likely to revisit the joke often.

If normal life with two kids under 4 years old is in constant motion, I’d say we’re on the spinny tea cup ride at the state fair. And no, I’ve never been on that ride and will never be on it, and if I do, everyone near me will wish they hadn’t been on it as well.

Let me set the scene for you.

It’s 4:35pm and our little RV is parked on a side street just off downtown in Salmon, Idaho. I painted most of the day while Teysha took the kids to the library and has just now given up on getting them to take a nap. We have no clue where we are going to sleep and have to get groceries before dinner.

Excited to have knocked out two decent paintings in a day, I jump in the driver’s seat of ol’ Dolly and crank her up while yelling  “ROLL OUT”

From the back of the RV, Teysha looks at me, glances at the kids, and says, “TURNER, NO!”

Okay, to my defense, I didn’t realize the place was a mess and that the kids weren’t in their car seats. But to Teysha’s defense, I didn’t even look.

Oh come on family, you should be ready when I am ready. Right?

This “ROLL OUT” has become a staple in our routine, sarcastically, of course.

All of this to say,

“Roll Out”

We are finally rolling out.

We headed south before Thanksgiving and have enjoyed nearly three months bouncing around different family members homes. Our kids have greatly enjoyed the love and comfort of grandparents and cousins, but the time has come for us to roll on.

We are in great anticipation of our upcoming trip to France, but we still have more than a month before finding out what an overnight flight looks like with two little ones. Prayers appreciated.

As per our usual, we don’t exactly know where we are going. But we do know there are plenty of scenes to paint and dirt for the kids to play in. Most likely we will head toward Big Bend in West Texas, and then continue westward for a few weeks.

I’m super excited to get back in our little home on wheels and continue putting paint on canvases, and all of my clothes, and door handles, and coffee cups. (sorry Teysha)

Living in a tiny space with a family of four and a dog presents many challenges, but if I’m completely honest, I feel like a spoiled little boy.

Being able to spend my days pursuing something I love is an absolute dream. I will forever be thankful for these days.

And I’m thankful for all of you as well. The constant encouragement and support you provide is humbling.

So I sincerely say, “Thank you”

Roll out,


Below is a recent photo from our trip to Colorado. This painting and a few other recent works are available under the “Available Paintings” tab at the top of the page.


About Me

In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art. In 2011 my wife, Teysha, started graduate school at Boise State University while I undertook a two year oil painting apprenticeship. In May of 2018, we sold everything, quit our jobs, and hit the road! We currently live in a rusty 1986 Toyota Dolphin named Dolly.